Embarrassed about Blogging

Embarrassed about Blogging

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be. But I feel like we’ve all been there. Wanting to start something you’re passionate about online but the fear of people from school, university or even future employers seeing what you’ve created. When I was younger all I loved watching YouTube. I am a fairly creative person – if I may say so myself – and I dreamed about making a channel. But I was so scared of the backlash it would bring. For years I had envisioned making a blog but never actually made the leap until quite recently. Even when I eventually invested the time and money in making a blog I was worried about what content I was creating so much so that I never published anything.

Now being 22, I have realised the opinions of people who do not support my passions do not matter. Just look at the amazing opportunities bloggers have nowadays. I feel stupid for not committing to YouTube whilst it was still a small community.

I don’t want to worry about if I make a small spelling mistake or grammatical error or else I will never end up posting anything, just checking it again and again, never being satisfied with it. I want my blog to be an online space I can share my thoughts quickly with people and hopefully people can relate or debate with them. I am always open to learning and I know I’m not always right so, please, educate me further.

Saying all this I am still terrified of the thought of posting my blog on Facebook although it has made the rare appearance on Twitter where I have a lot less contacts. But one day I hope my confidence will grow further.

Stop researching about blogging and just do it! The first post is the hardest but when you are over the first hurdle I promise it becomes much easier. Don’t overthink about people’s reactions. A lot of the time people are not as fussed as you make them out to be in your head! I wish I had cared less about everyone’s opinions sooner. Now I receive such nice feedback from the contact section, more than I could have ever imagined. The blogging community is full of friendly people. You have to remember all the famous blogs started in the same way as you. Just ordinary people who enjoy sharing their experiences and advice beyond a friendship circle.

At the end of the day there will always be someone jumping at the opportunity to disagree with you no matter what you do, soImight as well embrace whatI want to do. Blog.



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