A FaceTuned Generation

A FaceTuned Generation


At the end school I was voted most photoshopped.

This is something which I never thought I’d EVER want to bring up. Not only was this soooooo embarrassing and hurtful but it heightened my insecurities massively. It pretty much summed up my school experience.  Of course, it was (and still is) obvious that I edit my photos. Sometimes I narrow my square ‘man’ jaw. I often blur the ‘old lady’ lines on my neck. I whiten my teeth, I smooth my skin, I enhance my eyes.  It might seem dramatic, but it has taken a lot for me to put up an unedited photo like I have included in this post.


I felt ashamed of how insecure I was of my features by being put down more for trying to fix my flaws.


I finished school 3 years ago. Now it’s 2018 and you cannot scroll through Instagram without coming across FaceTuned images. It’s the norm for so many girls AND boys. It is a cycle of more and more people becoming more and more insecure about the way they look because our ‘beauty standards’ are becoming increasingly out of reach. But why put ‘normal’ people down for doing what almost every celebrity or influencer does? Ok, ok. Maybe they can edit much more professionally. But images are still being distorted towards unrealistic western beauty expectations.


By editing my photos I believe this says more about the society I was brought up in than who I am as a person. I would be made fun of for my square face but also laughed at if I attempted to alter it. I can’t afford plastic surgery sorry guys xo, but even if I could, people shame against plastic surgery too. You literally can’t win!!! It seems like we live in a society which we are constantly looking to improve appearances, yet we are never satisfied. We always want the next thing whether this is Kylie Jenner’s lips, Kim Kardashian’s curves or Alexis Ren’s …well… everything.

Look. It’s ok to edit your photos, or not. In fact, its fucking fab to do whatever you want to do on your social media with photos of yourself.  …ok maybe nothing obscene but you get my point.

You do you boo x x x



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