Newcastle’s Best Summer Drinking Spots

Newcastle’s Best Summer Drinking Spots



I wish I could say going to university in Newcastle has taught me how to drink. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Nonetheless, in my short 4 years here I have been able to sample various establishments around toon.  Although I am currently staring out the rainy Robinson library windows, taking a break from thesis writing, summer is my favourite time to get a bit weird… Below I have structured my ideal drinking day in Newcastle (if my student loan hadn’t run out and the sun was actually shining)! Starting at Ouseburn making your way to Quayside and finishing in the centre, take a look at some of my top spots below.  Enjoy!







Since all the students have left Jesmond a ghost town for the summer months, good old Osborne Road is no longer thriving. £2 pints don’t quite taste the same when you.. My alternative to this is taking a trip down to Ouseburn. Hip, trendy and vegan friendly, my heart has warmed to this little area. Ouseburn is GLORIOUS in the sunshine. As a student who misses her puppas just about every second of the day, this is prime dog spotting territory. Especially if the sun decides to shine.


The Tyne Bar

In a charming location right next to the Tyne (as the name would suggest). Ouseburn is a great place to sample the local ales. Last time I was here I saw a newfoundland that weighed the same amount as me, so all in all a great experience.



The Ship Inn

The most adorable classic pub with a twist. It’s vegan! (I’m not actually vegan but I am a millennial, so this stuff naturally excites me). You can tell it is super popular with locals which is always a good sign in my books.



Arch 2 Brewpub & Kitchen

It looks similar to a garage, but it somehow really aesthetically pleasing! Situated under the bridge just up from the Ship Inn, it has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If it’s a bit chilly this is a great spot because there are fire pits. Lets be honest, everyone loves a fire pit.




From the Tyne Bar you are able to see all of Newcastle’s brilliant bridges. If you make your way towards these, you’ll find yourself at Quayside. I like to think of myself as a regular at Quayside Spoons in the after exam season (great views, cheap drinks), but when I decide to venture away from the usual these are my top picks:


By the River Brew Co.

If you told me a couple of years ago that I would be excited to eat street food out of shipping containers I’d be concerned to say the least. But this place is fabulous. The view of the bridges is unbeatable. I love how the containers resemble Newcastle’s industrial heritage whilst the food, drink and music giving the area a fun and contemporary feel.



The Bridge Tavern

Back across the bridge and making your way into toon is a new found love of mine; The Bridge Tavern. This is super trendy gastro pub with a gorgeous terrace for catching the evening sun. The micro-brewery is situated directly underneath the Tyne Bridge which gives it an impressive atmosphere. A must-visit!




At the Bridge Tavern you will find yourself at the bottom of a steep hill. Just a short climb (sorry) and you’ll find yourself on Newcastle’s bustling Diamond Strip. Welcome. This is where great memories and bad decisions are made. Below are a few establishments to visit before you suddenly find yourself on a pole in Flares at 3am signing Country Roads.




This is a favourite of mine at the moment. It has a charming terrace hidden out the back and good deals on cocktails. Not only does the terrace have conventional outdoor heaters but heated seats!! (Call me easy to please). If anything, I have felt too warm up there but considering the general Newcastle dress code, the temperature is perfect. Catch me up there after a day writing my thesis trying to relate to my friends in Mallorca on their summer holibobs. :/



The venue has super chic Asian theme. The upstairs is half indoors, half terrace with funky DJs on Fridays and Saturdays. Highly recommend before making your way out for a big night in the toon.





Thanks for reading! These are a few of my favourite bars in beloved Newcastle. Let me know if you try any out, I would love to know what you think! Also, please feel free to share the places you love to go in the summer time so I can continue spending money (I don’t have) on memories I will (hopefully) remember.

Luce xx



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